Our Campuses

Sycamore Hill Church is one church with multiple campuses.

One significant development borne out of a unified church committed to planting healthy churches has been our campus model.  We believe the unity of God’s church is of great practical use to the Kingdom and should be leveraged – not merely celebrated.  Preserving strong ties with our church plants is a reflection of our commitment to growing, spreading and maturing God’s Kingdom.

While each campus operates very practically as a local church, we have chosen to collectively identify and entrust ourselves to one another in unity.  Below are seven distinguishing marks that knit our campuses into one church:

  • We are Christ-centered and beneath the authority of the Bible;
  • We confess the same theology and maintain an association with the Southern Baptist Convention;
  • We collectively ordain and share pastoral oversight;
  • We are in harmony regarding the principles of worship;
  • We share a common vision for discipleship & ministry;
  • We cheerfully share resources for the pursuit of God’s Kingdom;
  • We journey on mission together.

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